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Are you making cartoons?
In that case we would like
you to send it to us and be
a part of this site.

We will gather all the best cartoons
in the world and give them a home.

All you need to do is to read this rules:

* The cartoon shall be in Gif or Jpeg format.
* In size: 640'480 or higher.
* It shall never been puplished beffore.
* You will confirm that you are the creator.
(if not,you will take all the legal action)
* The cartoon shall not contain any kind
of porn or child abuse.

* You shall also follow fortunecity's terms.
We want you to mail us these things.

* Name:
* Info about your self:
* The file(gif , jpeg):

You will get a password when you
have signed up.

How do you remove the cartoon?

Answer:The only thing to do, is to
send us the password and your name.